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Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater Treatment

Preserve the Purity of Water

Matal Plating Wastewater

Metal Plating Wastewater

Metal plating produces wastewater containing heavy metals e.g. zinc, chromium, nickel, and copper and sometimes complexing agents, which can be very difficult to treat.

ZA possesses years of track record in treating the most challenging metal plating wastewater using its patented specialty chemicals ZA-TECH and advanced oxidation process. Depending on the economics, valuable metals could be recovered by ZA-TECH™ to close the material loop and offset treatment cost.

Electronics Wastewater

Electronics wastewater e.g., from PCB production, is another challenge. ZA-TECH reagents have demonstrated superior effectiveness in treating electronics wastewater through removing complex heavy metals or decomposing organic matters.

One of our notable clients, Foxconn, has been using ZA-TECH in its iPhone and iPad manufacturing wastewater treatment process since 2017.

Electronics Wastewater
Landfill & MSW Leachate_Wastewater Treatmemt

Landfill & MSW Leachate

Municipal solid waste (MSW) produces considerable amounts of leachate during stockpiling or after being landfilled. The leachate often has dark color, foul odor, high COD, ammonia nitrogen, and salt content.

According to the specific requirements of our clients, we customize leachate treatment process by integrating multiple technologies, including biological, chemical, and physical treatment. We help our clients meet discharge standards with the simplest process at the lowest cost.

Semiconductor Wastewater

The semiconductor industry is highly water-intensive, generating large amount of wastewater containing metals, and toxic and hazardous organic and inorganic chemicals.

ZA has expertise and track record in treating semiconductor wastewater effectively to meet increasingly stringent discharge limits. With our new generation of ZA-TECH reagents and processes, we provide cost-effective solutions for wastewater with fluoride, COD, and ammonia nitrogen.

Semiconductor Wastewater

We also treat wastewater from these industries:

Flue Gas Scrubber Effluent  

Solar Panel Fabrication

Batteries Fabrication


Metal Processing

Oil Refinery

Power Plant


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