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Hazardous Waste Treatment

Hazardous Waste Treatment

Eliminate Pollutants from the Ecosystem

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Incineration Fly Ash

Incineration fly ash (IFA) is the flue gas cleaning residue from MSW incineration plants. It is a hazardous waste containing high levels of heavy metals and dioxin. IFA is predominantly treated by chemical stabilization method and landfilled worldwide.


ZA’s market-proven CIP technology is a practical and efficient solution for IFA treatment. ZA-TECH reagents are mixed with IFA to chemically immobilize the heavy metals. The process is economical, compact, and simple to operate, generating no other waste or wastewater. The treated IFA can pass any stringent landfill standard with long-term environmental safety.


For land-scarce cities, we also offer an IFA utilization option, whereby IFA is washed to remove its soluble salts and heavy metals, and then used for cement and ceramic production.

Wastewater Sludge

Wastewater treatment produces sludge containing high level of pollutants. It is often classified as hazardous waste and must be treated and landfilled. ZA’s specialty chemicals

ZA-TECH and proprietary SIL process offer the ideal solution for sludge treatment. The pollutants in the sludge are chemically stabilized and physically encapsulated, ensuring safe disposal in the landfill.

We also offer technologies to extract valuable components inside some wastewater sludge and transform the residues into green construction materials using thermal method.

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