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ZA Newsroom

Sep 2017, on CCTV
Sep 2018, on Channel 8
Aug 2019, on NHK
Sep 2019, on Today
Sep 2021, on TechInnovation

Oct 2023

ZA Managing Director Dr. Sun Xiaolong took part as a panelist in Translation to Impact in the Resource & Environmental Sustainability Sector at the Urban Solutions and Sustainability Congress.

Oct 2023

ZA Project Manager Mr. Alec Liu was invited to speak on Converting Waterworks Sludge to Lightweight Aggregates at the Urban Solutions and Sustainability Congress.

Feb 2023

ZA successfully set up a Sludge Treatment Plant at Changi East Depot Construction Site to convert sludge from a historical dumping ground into backfill material.

Oct 2021

ZA's Founder and Managing Director, Dr. Sun Xiaolong, is invited to give a talk, "Converting Wastes to Value-added Resources for a Near-zero Landfill" in TechInnovation 2021.

Jun 2021

MND and BCA award ZA an R&D grant to develop artificial aggregates from soft clay for building and construction applications.

Apr 2021

ESG awards ZA an R&D grant to investigate solutions for PUB freshwater sludge.

Feb 2021

ZA demonstrates the CIP treatment process for incineration fly ash at Senoko Waste-to-Energy Plant. 

Jan 2021

ESG awards ZA a research grant to transform non-incinerable industrial waste into green materials.

Dec 2020

ZA completes NEA tender to treat IBA into NEWSand for road and concrete applications.

Sep 2020

ZA is listed as top 25 in the Asia Pacific: The most innovative cleantech company with the potential to deliver change.

Feb 2020

ZA's founder, Dr. Sun Xiaolong, talks in APEC 2020 in Malaysia as an invited speaker.

Jan 2020

ZA builds Singapore's first IBA treatment plant to transform IBA into NEWSand.

Dec 2019

ZA brings strategic investor Keppel Seghers onboard to expand into the global environmental market.

Nov 2019

CNA: ZA secures a national landmark project from NEA for IBA Treatment.

Sep 2019

ZA's R&D Manager, Mr. Heng Kim Soon, is interviewed by TODAY for converting IBA to construction materials.

Sep 2019

ZA's Research Engineer, Ms. Lim Yi Yong, is on live talking show about zero waste philosophy on Radio Station 96.3 FM.

Aug 2019

NHK Direct Talk, Japan, interviews ZA for 'Towards a Zero-Waste Future.'

Mar 2019

Lian He Zao Bao features ZA for its IBA treatment and urban mining technologies.

Mar 2019

CNA: ZA R&D Manager Mr. Heng Kim Soon is praised by MEWR Minister in Parliament for his outstanding work on IBA.

Nov 2018

NEA awards ZA with a tender to demonstrate the treatment of Incineration Bottom Ash.

Sep 2018

Singapore Mediacorp Channel 8 features ZA in their program - Hello Singapore

Aug 2018

ZA publishes a paper on the treatment of incineration fly ash using the CIP process in the Journal of Waste Resources

Oct 2017

Lian He Zao Bao features ZA: The environmental doctor curing environmental cancer.

Sep 2017

ZA founder Dr. Sun Xiaolong is interviewed by China Central TV.

Mar 2017

ZA secures a grant from SPRING Singapore to testbed technologies for IBA and IFA treatment.

Jan 2017

ZA is awarded a JTC Innovation Open Grant to develop and testbed a zero-discharge food waste treatment system

Sep 2016

ZA secures a tender from NEA to demonstrate IFA treatment technology, the CIP.

Jul 2016

ZA showcases at CleanEnviro Summit Singapore (CESS).

Jul 2015

ZA is awarded an R&D grant from SPRING Singapore to develop treatment technologies for IBA & IFA.


A Zero Waste Nation Challenge

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Converting Soft Clay into Alternative Construction Materials


Extract Value from Waste


Cure & Revitalize the Earth


Eliminate Pollutants from the Ecosystem 


Preserve the Purity of Water


Make Informed & Responsible Decisions

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