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SIL process was designed for high-plasticity and high-moisture content wastes, e.g., sludge, soft clay, and soil. The process employs ZA's patented ZA-H series reagents, which stabilize pollutants present in the wastes and solidify the soft waste into strong particles to improve its engineering properties. After SIL treatment, the geotechnical performance of the treated soft wastes will be greatly improved and the environmental impact will be minimized.

The SIL process consists of mechanical pretreatment, batching, mixing, granulation, and curing steps. The process is simple, robust, universal, and scalable.

SIL's reagents and process design can be tailored to suit soft wastes of different nature. After treatment, the soft wastes will process superior geotechnical performance and can be safely reused with minimum environmental impact. 

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